30 Sexy French Crop Haircuts for Men


A French сrop is a well-known and popular short hairstyle for men. This versatile haircut includes longer hair on top and faded sides, keeping you looking dapper 24/7.

A French crop haircut requires minimal styling and flatters receding hairlines too. From disconnected skin fade to curly French crop with long bangs, we have the selection of the best options for all preferences!

What is a French Crop Haircut?

The French crop refers to a men’s haircut that features short sides and back with a blunt fringe section. The length of the crop top varies depending on the style preference; however, the most popular style features a short fringe. This is an easy-to-maintain haircut that can be slicked back or worn down, it looks great on any man too. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, or thin hair, the crop top style suits everyone!

1. Bleached Crop Top

The classic French crop look involves a short top with straight bangs. This is a smart style and one of the most popular French crop haircuts. You can make this style more dramatic by bleaching your hair icy white. Add a skin fade on the sides for extra details too!

2. Straight French Crop

One of the best French crop haircuts is the high fade hairstyle with a quiff. This works well if you want some texture in your straight hair and aim to maintain a sharp and athletic look.

3. Crop Fade with Dark Hair

When you opt for a crop fade, you’ll always look dapper. This style suits men with darker hair as you can get a sleek look down the sides and back while having longer hair on top paired with flattering blunt bangs. When it comes to haircuts for men, this is one of the smoothest out there.

4. Long on Top French Crop Haircut

Choosing to have longer hair on top can give you more styling choices, such as quiffs, side parts, or gelling it forward. This is a good option if you have a receding hairline and want to wear your hair forward with shorter sides. A taper fade on the sides can enhance this modern style.

5. Warm Brown Curly French Crop

If you want to embrace the French crop without it looking too harsh, try mixing soft curls with warm brown hair color. Add a fade on the sides for a blended look that still embodies the classic French crop style. This is great for naturally curly or wavy hair types and creates a messy top look.

6. High Fade Long French Crop

A high fade offers a professional look that’s still on-trend for men’s hairstyles. This French crop haircut works well with all hair types, but if you have wavy hair, consider growing a longer fringe.

7. Classic Short Hair Crop

A short crop top is a good haircut option for anyone who wants to keep a low-maintenance hairstyling routine or wants a French crop for receding hairline. This cropped hair is easily styled forward and can be brushed into a side part if needed. A cropped fridge is a great way to emphasize masculine features, so be sure to try out this style if you want a change.

8. Mid Fade French Crop

If you want a beard, a mid-fade French crop haircut might be for you. This cut includes the standard textured French crop top, but the fringe is kept longer and is styled in a quiff. The sides feature a mid fade, which makes it easier to maintain than a stark disconnected crop.

9. Short Disconnected Crop

A disconnected French crop or a French crop undercut is perfect for any event or occasion, as it keeps the wearer looking smart and hair on top can be pushed forward to hide a receding hairline. See how skillfully the contrast is enhanced with a bold razor cut line.

10. Textured French Crop

One of the main features of the French crop is a straight, blunt fringe. If you want to try an extreme take on the Caesar cut, make sure your fringe area is nicely textured. This look often pairs well with a high fade haircut.

11. Blonde Crop Top with a Quiff

Keeping the top crop longer allows you to experiment with more styling options. If you have thick hair, you can try keeping a long fringe for quiff styles. Find some styling product that works for you to ensure your hair stays in place all day!

12. Extreme Long Fringe French Crop

A textured crop works well with thick hair and long French crop hairstyles. A long fringe makes the style one of the showiest crop haircuts for men. Make sure you use a styling product to get the effortless look.

13. Caesar Cut

A traditional Caesar cut has a blunt fringe that sits slightly longer than the traditional French crop fringe. When you mix these two styles, you get a dapper look that can suit any occasion. Just make sure that you keep up to date with haircuts for men!

14. Classic French Crop

A straight French crop with a neat fade is a good option for anyone looking for minimal styling. Whether you opt for a fade or undercut, the short French crop textured by your stylist is low maintenance and doesn’t involve much hair styling at all!

15. Low Fade French Crop

French crop fade depends on the preference of the wearer, but a low fade is always a sleek option for anyone who wants to look fresh. Pairing short natural curls with a low fade hairstyle and a cropped fringe is a winning idea.

16. Long French Crop

This undercut French crop haircut almost mimics a punk mohawk style as the difference between the sides, back, and the top is so drastic. Keep the top area of hair long and use an undercut length on the sides and back for this more alternative take on a classic French crop hairstyle.

17. Messy French Crop Fade Haircut

Although the French crop is associated with a blunt fringe and neat hair, you can add a messy touch to the traditional style. Keep the hair on top longer and allow it to be messy or tousled for a relaxed look. Salt spray or mousse can help you create relaxed waves if needed for a messy top.

18. Disconnected French Crop Style

An on-trend version of the French crop is a disconnected undercut. This is where the top area of the crop cut is longer than the sides and back, creating a dramatic difference. This blunt cut looks good on all men but is high maintenance to keep, just as a French crop undercut.

19. French Crop with a Side Part

While traditional French crop hairstyles do not have a side part, you can also style a side part textured French crop haircut if the hair on top is long enough. This is a popular style for formal events as it’s casual and tidy. Pair this with faded hair on the sides and back to get a modern haircut for men.

20. Textured French Crop with Long Bangs

There are many elements that help to diversify men’s hairstyles, a forward-styled long fringe being just one trendy option. If you have longer hair, you can push it forward and create a textured look.

21. Blonde Textured Crop Style

Bleach is a great way to make a statement. If you want a textured French crop hairstyle that has more of an edge than others, a blonde textured crop with an undercut might be your next look. Style it with some wax or gel for an ultra-sleek hairstyle.

22. Blunt Blonde Fringe Crop

A fade haircut pairs well with a full blunt fringe style as the two contrast each other well. The blunt fringe works well with straight hair and can be further enhanced with a pop of color. Keep this cut tidy with regular maintenance.

23. French Crop with Razor Cut Design

If you prefer short haircuts, this could be a great look to style. A shorter textured crop top with an undercut and razor cut elements is nothing but boring.

24. Mid Fade Long Crop

A fade textured crop is a popular option for men with thick hair. If you want to take advantage of your thick locks, opt for a longer French crop, so you can style spikes. Whether you opt for a textured design or push the hair forward, this will leave your hair looking full.

25. Messy Hair French Crop

Skin fade and a longer top crop makes a sassy, laid-back men’s haircut. With longer hair on top, you can play with texture and create a relaxed style that works for all hair types.

26. French Crop with Skin Fade Design

A cropped fringe and a skin fade are a classic combination, but did you know you can add more detail to this haircut? Mix your French crop with intricate skin fade designs for an impressive hairstyle. This is a high-maintenance style though.

27. Drop Fade French Crop

A drop fade gradually lowers around the back of your head rather than staying straight like a high fade or a low fade. This pairs well with the classic French crop look, especially when you have short hair on the sides.

28. Dark Drop Fade Crop

When you have darker hair, you can pull off stark haircuts as your hair color contrasts with skin fade. Use this to your advantage and try a drop fade with textured hair on top to create an interesting accent.

29. French Crop for Curly Hair

Curly hair can elevate a French crop haircut by adding some texture and drama. Use some mousse or gel to style your curls and make sure your hair is longer if you want to try this style.

30. Short French Crop

A short French crop is one of the most common haircuts for men. A short French crop with a point cut straight fringe and a high skin fade gets you a smart and angular look.

French crop haircuts suit all facial shapes and hair types. Experiment with the fade and the length of hair on top, and you are sure to hit your ideal hairstyle.

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